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Our Business

Riverwood Capital Advisors is an independent, privately owned investment advisory firm specializing in separate account management serving a broad spectrum of clients, including high net worth individuals, family offices, and corporations. Riverwood is a Registered Investment Advisor with the state of Florida. Riverwood provides creative and customized investment strategies that are client focused and free from industry conflicts.

Riverwood Capital Advisors is Independent

We do not work for any brokerage house, mutual fund, or bank. We have no quotas, we do not make markets, and we do not report to anyone other than our clients. Our only interest is the client’s satisfaction and the desire for long-term relationships. We manage each account individually and pay strict attention to the investment suitability, risk tolerance, and personal preferences of each client. Learn more»


Individual Portfolio Managment

We consult carefully with each client at the outset, to determine the client’s overall financial needs and objectives.

Fee Only

We are a fiduciary firm. Free from industry conflicts.  No products.

Independent Private Wealth Management

We provide unbiased financial advice and continuously manage and monitor our clients’ investment portfolios.

Our Custodial Relationship with Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers

Riverwood Capital Advisors, LLC is proud to use Interactive Brokers, LLC as its preferred broker and custodian for separate account private wealth investment management services.

Designed To Safeguard Investor Assets

At Riverwood Capital Advisors, LLC the structure of our client brokerage and custodial relationships are designed to safeguard investor assets, prevent the unauthorized use of client funds and avert the transmission of fraudulent information. Buy utilizing Interactive Brokers, LLC to provide custodial services for our clients, we strongly believe that we can assure those clients that:

  • All transactions are brokered and cleared through an unaffiliated broker-dealer which is a member of FINRA/SIPC
  • All clients receive a separate brokerage statement from an unaffiliated broker-dealer which is independent from client analyses produced by Riverwood Capital Advisors, LLC
  • All clients have access to their accounts on a real time basis through internet access providing the highest level of instant transparency
  • Riverwood Capital Advisors, LLC can only transact securities and charge a client account for our contractual fees. All other requests for disbursement of funds must be made by the client directly by personal check or request to Interactive Brokers, LLC.

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